Sharman: GANG OF GHOSTS take on the builders!

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While Sharman Joshi’s WAR CHHOD NA YAAR, is all set to be his next release, the actor has just wrapped up the shooting of a very interesting project titled, GANG OF GHOSTS.

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To know more about the film and especially to decipher the meaning behind the strange title we caught up with the handsome actor, Sharman Joshi, who as always gave us his detailed views.

Says Sharman, ”No the title is not strange and is very much in sync with the film which itself is quite identifiable with the current happenings.”

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Please go on….. and Sharman continued, ” As you know, not only in big cities but even in smaller towns what is happening is that old buildings and bungalows are being pulled down by the builders making way for apartments and flats. And who lives in old bungalows? Ghosts! So, where will they go? To address this problem, the ghosts make a gang and get after the builders. That is the theme of the film! Will tell you more about the film later.”

No doubt, the subject sounds unique and interesting and we are sure that the audience too will say the same about the Satish Kaushik directed GANG OF GHOSTS.

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