Sharman Joshi: FERRARI KI SAWAARI was demanding and traumatic

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Bollywood actor Sharman Joshi, who has spent a decade in the film industry doing some significant roles and movies like 3 IDIOTS, GOLMAAL, LIFE IN A METRO, RANG DE BASANTI, is gearing up for his first ever solo release FERRARI KI SAWAARI.

Ask Sharman if he’s set certain specifications about doing selected but cream projects and he says, “The script is the deciding factor. Script is my bible. I follow the vision of the director to the T. Moreover, a combination of good production house, a good director is a prerequisite for me to get involved in any of the projects. I would never like to be a part of mindless comic capers /entertainers as I am answerable to myself and my audiences. I would never like to waste my audiences’ time, money, energy.”


He further adds, “I feel privileged and honoured of my choices. I think I was always at the right place on right time.”

Now that Sharman is a part of a solo hero project and he’s done some huge multistarrers in the past, ask Sharman which is a safe bet and here comes an expected reply, “I don’t look at any film from that point (safe bet). I am here for sheer love and passion for cinema.”

Sharman, who makes sporadic appearances, says there were several offers in the interim but none were exciting enough. Besides, doing quality work and the films which have recall value is something which interests Sharman. “See, I am here for long innings. I am not looking for quantity. For me it is very important to do quality work. Even if I do 10-20 such films which have good recall value and cherished by audience I’ll think I have done a good job,” says the 33-year old actor.

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Talking about his upcoming film FERRARI KI SAWAARI, Sharman says the film wasn’t a cakewalk for him as he auditioned for it 30-40 times. The director Rajesh Mapuskar was a bit skeptical about casting Sharman in a father’s role.

Sharman reveals, “FERRARI KI SAWAARI has been very demanding. It was traumatic as I had to give as many as 30-40 auditions to convince the director. Rajesh was skeptical about casting me as I look too young to play a father.”

Sharman further divulges that he first heard about FERRARI while he was working on 3 IDIOTS. “It was during 3 IDIOTS when Rajesh (who was assisting Raju Hirani) casually narrated me about FERRARI and from that point onwards I was keen to do this film. The story is beautiful, enchanting, adventurous in many ways. The way it’s turned out and translated is simply superb. I could easily relate with it and thought I could be part of it. But the film came to me after several years.”


All these years Sharman charmed us with his brash, outspoken college boy antics in films like STYLE, RANG DE BASANTI, 3 IDIOTS and now with FERRARI he will be seen altogether in a new avatar. Prod Sharman about this transformation and he says, “FERRARI KI SAWARI has a unique tempo. The audience will get to see me in a different light.”

FERRARI KI SAWAARI, written by Rajkumar Hirani and produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, is not the usual feel good cinema for which VC Films is known. Sharman barges in, “…Feel good cinema depends upon the subject, the script they want to make particularly. In recent past many of their films have been on those lines. But FERRRARI KI SAWARI is not designed that way or in any specific way. It is world of 3 wonderful people. It’s a social comic drama,”

After working with Vidhu Vinod Chopra in two back-to-back films 3 IDIOTS and FERRARI KI SAWAARI, Sharman is all praise for the producer. “I admire the honesty, commitment and pure love which Vidhuji exuberates towards his team. The people at VC Films are ruthlessly honest. No compromises will be made in making a fine film and it gets reflected well in their work,” says Sharman

Unlike other actors who go around the town blowing their own trumpet, Sharman wants his work to do all the talking. “I believe your talking may not work but your work will always do the talking.” At the same time he doesn’t deny the power of marketing, “Having said that it is very important that you get noticed by the audience and your voice is heard. Marketing is very important in today’s world.” He says

Also starring Boman Irani FERRARI KI SAWAARI is set to release on 15th June 2012.

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