Sharman Joshi to help Rekha get her due!

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We have already told our patrons (courtesy Sharman Joshi!) that the veteran, but still in form director, Indra Kumar, is returning to his forte, the emotional drama days of DIL, BETA, RAJA etc, instead of going for the ‘safe-as-a-house’, comedy genre’ as in DHAMAAL and MASTI series.


The film in question is obviously Indra Kumar’s next venture, SUPER NANI, which features amongst others the evergreen beauty Rekha and the highly talented and multi-dexterous Sharman Joshi.

When we got back to Sharman and asked him to reveal more about SUPER NANI and in particular the ageless veteran actress Rekha, the visibly excited actor said, ”Yes, you are right about Rekha Ji. She is ageless. One learns so much about acting while working with her.”

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Elaborating further about the film, Sharman revealed, ”In SUPER NANI Rekha Ji essays the title role of a grandmother (as is obvious!), but as times have moved on and she has been sidelined in the family and is not getting her deserved respect, she pines for the old times, and I, who plays her grandson’ helps her get her due respect.”

Nostalgia! Nostalgia, and nostalgia! It is confession time, so we have to admit that we await SUPER NANI with high expectations, and welcome back the Indra Kumar of yore. And we are quite sure that there are many more like us!

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