Friday, October 22, 2021

Shashank Vyas: Have been accused of not being active enough on social media

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In today’s day and age, social media has become of prime importance, especially if you have fans following your every move. Actor Shashank Vyas says that he has often been at the receiving end of complaints from his fans who claim that he doesn’t post enough.

“All this time I have been accused of not being on social media by my fans. I don't take social media seriously. It is a fun thing and I only use it to reach out to my fans, that too once in a month. One has a choice of being on it or not being on it.

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I choose not to make my personal life public by posting pictures or tweeting private details. It is an individual choice at the end of the day. Posting everything online and then complaining of invasion of privacy is a hypocritical thing to do.

Just like having a million followers won't affect my craft, similarly having fewer followers won't affect my dream, my health, and my craft. Through social media, one only wants to seek social validation or adulation to feel good about themselves. In other words, it is all illusionary space. The key to happiness is in my pocket and not in someone else's hand,” he says.

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Meanwhile, the actor says that he has always tried to concentrate on his work and agrees that there might not be too many great roles out there. “Any seasoned actor who in the real sense is passionate about acting will not pick up a role casually.

There is a huge scarcity of good writers. Right now, only supernatural shows are getting made, which does not offer much to an actor in terms of creative satisfaction. Many fantastic actors say no owing to the lack of good scripts.

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A script has to be so compelling that you hear it once and you know you would like to be a part of it. If the role is well written on paper then an actor has to be physically and mentally present and everything will turn out good. The part where an actor is not convinced is the logic bit. The audience today is spoilt for choice with the vast amount of shows to choose from and they will not accept just about anything. The content has to be compelling,” he says.

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