Pet donkeys bring sanity in Sheridan Smith’s life

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Actress Sheridan Smith says she has pet donkeys to keep her sane. In the upcoming Christmas special of "The Jonathan Ross Show", Smith admitted that she keeps grounded by spending time with the donkeys on her farm, reports Smith, who is dating Jamie Horn, said she found herself on a dating app as she wanted a bit of normality.

"It is difficult now isn't it and I think, we are always working with people in the industry and I wanted a bit of normality. I don't ever get to meet anyone who is not in the industry, not that that is bad but I just really wanted someone away from that and that's what I've got," she said.

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Sheridan's efforts to search for love elsewhere paid off.

"I met him and I just, they say you know instantly and I've always been a bit like, 'Oh come on', but I don't know, we just clicked and suddenly it just wasn't difficult anymore," she confessed.

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Sheridan said she took extra lifestyle precautions away from the limelight.

"We've got our little farm with my donkeys. It's my little bit of sanity away from the madness, to be honest," she said.

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