Shilpa Shetty Kundra gets candid with Neha Dhupia on JioSaavn #NoFilterNeha Season 5

Shilpa talks about a hobby that she picked up during the lockdown


Shilpa talks about a hobby that she picked up during the lockdown
Well, I don’t know if Yoga really is my hobby but it is definitely a passion and I think you should pursue something that you’re passionate about. I’m doing like this live session every Saturday with a grandmaster and I’m learning different techniques of meditation and advanced yoga. Even more advanced than what I know right now. So it’s been quite a fun process and you know I’m a mother of two now, actually three, one who’s acting his shoe size, my husband

Shilpa talks about chemistry with her husband and who’s the boss in business
There is a very clear demarcation. He really leaves some decisions to me. When it comes to business acumen he definitely aces over there, when it comes to creativity he really leaves that aspect to me. It’s very clear and there’s no jumping of lines. I think that’s what keeps us in sync with each other and I really think that you know that there has to be a marriage even in business. What I’m not good at I don’t even get into that sphere you know. Like I said money, I’m terrible with money. I only know how to make it I don’t know what to do with it.

Shilpa on her networth
Shut up Neha. I can’t believe you’ve asked me this question. I have no clue. Money doesn’t drive me.


Shilpa talks about breaking norms about motherhood

I don’t care to pay too much attention for other people’s opinions and judgments on me because it’s really not their place. I am doing my best as a mother. However people perceive me to be, I really want to bring my child up the way my parents brought us up. The only difference is obviously we were brought up in a smaller home with lot lesser in terms of facilities but the same amount of love, if not more. And I just want my child to be grounded, I wanna keep it real for him, so he is reprimanded when he does something wrong, he has to be polite and kind and a good human being at the end of it all and we are trying to give him the best of everything and unapologetically so because I feel if my parents could afford it they would’ve done the same with us.

But at the same time to make him value what is being given to him that is something that we pay a lot of attention to, Raj and me, Raj is a great parent also. He really is the wind beneath my wings so I don’t think I could’ve gone out there and achieved all the stuff that I have after my marriage if not for him because he is even now after Samisha coming into our lives. We do the balancing act between Raj and me when life was normal and it will soon get back to normal I’m sure but in the current scenario also it’s a lot of balancing that one needs to do. You have to share the load.


Shilpa talks about having meltdowns
I think yoga has made a big difference to what I used to be 10 years ago. I remember I did have a few meltdowns after Viaan because when you’re this first time mom, it’s very daunting and it just hits you. So it was difficult the first time around but now I feel it’s like a cake walk. #Guts to me, I am 45 and I’ve had another child. I’ll be 50 and my child is 5

Shipa talks about Viaan (her son) and the photo culture
In the beginning, it used to be really hard, and also you know, fans aren’t that understanding. I mean, we are who we are because of them with due respect but sometimes you know you are handling a child in your arms and then they are coming and they want a photo and they just jump on you and then suddenly you put your child down and because it’s hard to manage all of it together and then your child is strolling off and then they want a photo and a selfie camera and you are trying to run after your child. It’s just a mess but there was a point where Viaan started saying ‘No photos, no photos’, he became the bodyguard. One child. He went into this no photo phase, I think when he was 4, now he is 8

Shilpa Shetty Kundra talks about how Shamita influenced her
If there’s anyone who’s played an influence on the other person’s life, it’s the other way round. I didn’t even have a credit card. I remember Shamita wanted a credit card and then she egged me on. She is like, ‘Shilpa, you know, you need to get a credit card. I mean this is terrible.’ So, if I needed to buy something back in the day, I remember, I had to ask mom and I’d be I really want to get this, mom. So, then she would give me money. I was that simple.


Then, I remember Shamita started going to college and she wanted a credit card. She’s the more independent sort and then I remember telling my mom ‘I think I should get a credit card’. And she’s like ‘why do you need a credit card’. And then you know, there was this whole discussion and then as soon as I got a credit card, Shamita is like, ‘Shilpa’s got a credit card, so I think even I want it.’ Then I got the whole story.

Shilpa opens up about Shamita declining a role in a big film
Shamita has a mind of her own. I remember, back in the day when she was offered Adi’s movie ‘Mohabbatein’, she was also offered another very big film ‘Lagaan’ and because it’s over and done with, I can talk about it. But then, both were supposed to come out at the same time so then she had to make that choice. Ya, ya she was offered both. And, I remember then she had to make the choice and she then obviously took up ‘Mohabbatein’. Both were very big hit films.

Here’s what Shilpa has to say about her timeless beauty

Thank you very much. I take that as a huge compliment. I don’t know, I mean ‘Yoga se hi Hoga’ as I always say. Its working if that’s what you feel, thank you. We all age. We have to age. It’s how well you age and how well you adapt to age and how you can slow down the ageing process and that is an art. I have aged but, I think I have aged well, or gracefully. 

Shilpa on who bears the brunt of her outbreaks and how she portrays herself
Raj. Ya, ya. It’s always the ones who you feel closest to that bear the brunt of it. Because I’m someone who likes to keep my distance. Even though I have a lot of friends, there is still a line. I’ve always been that way. I’m an extrovert but there is a facet to me that I closely guard. I just think that there has to be something that you keep for yourself. I mean saying that my life is pretty much like an open book.

I don’t hide stuff. But, there’s something you want to keep back. And, in this world of social media, gosh, there’s very little that you can actually just preserve for yourselves. I like to share stuff that has made a difference to my life and that has kept me rooted, that can help other people out there. I have tried to use my social media handle to kind of help people in whatever small sort of way. Like you say to me, I am doing a lot of stuff. I am a mother, I’m a hands-on mom. 

Shilpa Shetty Kundra talks about the reality show ‘Big Brother’
I didn’t expect anything. I think that’s why I went in.  If I had any clue or inkling of what it would entail, I don’t think I would’ve said yes. But, I’m happy I did because I felt it just suddenly, I just grew up after going on that show. I was very guarded before that.

Would Shilpa Shetty Kundra go on a reality show as a participant?

No. You know the situation was different then. I was footloose and fancy free and today I have two kids. I don’t even get out to go to work. So, I want to do everything, I do businesses that I can just run from my house. Even now for me to get out and shoot is cumbersome because I don’t want to be complacent but I’m not someone who aims to do something. There is no goal.

Here’s what she feels about that and her responsibility towards Mother Earth
I just want to do stuff that makes me happy. I want to make a difference. So, I think I’m treading the path of I don’t know, just discovering myself. The kind of stuff that I’m part of, or the people I’m planning to join hands with are all an extension of my personality, stuff that I believe in. And, it’s really not contrived. So, all the business that I am a part of, like, even me turning vegetarian. It comes from a place where I really feel now it’s time for me to, I used to be hard-core non-vegetarian and I’m a Mangalorean.

I think there are very few Mangalorean’s who have turned vegetarian, very few. Because, I felt like there was an inflection point, you know, during this whole lockdown. It just made me realize so many things. You know, we need to be cognizant the fact that the world is undergoing all these very serious changes and we have to be aware and try to make a difference. I wanted to reduce my carbon footprint. I didn’t want to be responsible for the goings-on. Raj and I decided to make that shift and it was a huge shift. He is turned completely vegan, he’s just gone cold-turkey.