Shraddha Kapoor speaks in depth about her ROCK ON!! 2 character and singing

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Shraddha Kapoor has become the new addition to the ‘Magik’al ROCK ON!! band and she truly is getting all the limelight she deserves.

Ask the actress how did she fit in the story and she says, “Everybody is having a conflict in the film, which is all somehow connected. Remember the trailer scene where I ask my father if he'll be happy when I leave singing?

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So obviously I'm carrying some baggage, which you'll get to know on film release.”

On being asked what’s the best part of being in ROCK ON!! 2, Shraddha exclaims, “Is that there’s a ROCK ON!! 2 being made. The best part is that a sequel is being made!”

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ROCK ON!! 2 is also amongst those movies where Shraddha doesn’t get to romance. She however excitedly shares, “No, it’s pretty evident in the trailer itself. I’m very excited for you guys to obviously watch the film and ‘Woh Jahaan’.”

Shraddha Kapoor has also evolved as a singer, also accepted the actress, “I feel that definitely since ‘Galliyan’, my voice has now become a little more bassy. Even with the way I speak, it has affected. Maybe because of the vocal classes that I’m doing.”

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If one goes to see, Shraddha learnt dancing for ABCD 2, action for BAAGHI and now performance for ROCK ON!! 2. So when posed with the question if it was a planned move, the actress replied in a gist, “No it’s not planned.

Whatever I wished for as a child, is happening to me. I don’t think I want to do an action movie next, but the films have taken a large part of me. This is my life. I hardly go out and like to sleep and wake up early.”

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