Shraddha Kapoor took this up after watching ROCK ON!!

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Shraddha Kapoor’s singing talent came out in the open ever since she sang ‘Galliyan’ in EK VILLAIN and then continued the streak with ‘Sab Tera’ from BAAGHI.

Now Shraddha is singing all her songs in the musical release of the week – ROCK ON!! 2.

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Well, ask Shraddha if she would’ve been a singer if not an actor and she says, “Only a singer? No. I’ve discovered I want to sing because of being an actor. Actually watching ROCK ON!! was one of the reasons.

I was shooting for TEEN PATTI while watching ROCK ON!! After watching the film, I told my parents that if they make a sequel I’ll be in it and it’s amazing that it’s happening. Aside from that, I was always fond of singing, but didn’t know if I could do it in movies.

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But then when I saw Farhan sing his own songs in ROCK ON!!, I felt that if he can, then so can I.”

So cool, right? Working with her inspiration Farhan in ROCK ON!! 2 must be an experience in itself!

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