Shreyas Talpade: Sunny Deol was petrified of dancing in POSTER BOYS

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The hilarious trio of Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol and Shreyas Talpade are all set to entertain us with some light hearted drama in their upcoming film POSTER BOYS which also has an important message attached to it. The film is releasing tomorrow i.e. on 8th September.

POSTER BOYS is Shreyas Talpade’s directorial debut and the actor/director managed to rope in the Deol brothers for this light hearted comedy-drama. Sunny Deol, known for his macho man image and his action packed performances will be seen in a character that involves a lot of humour and drama at the same time. On the other hand, it will be a delight to watch Bobby Deol on the big screen after a long break.

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Talking further about working with the Deol brothers, actor/director Shreyas Talpade said “There wasn’t a major difference in their personalities while working with them. By now, even people must’ve realized that they (Sunny and Bobby Deol) are pretty much the same on and off screen. Sunny sir doesn’t talk much. He is shy and a little reserved, that makes him a bit unpredictable. If Bobby says good morning I know that he didn’t get a good sleep last night (laughs). So that was the only difference!”

“I’m going to reveal a secret today. I used to send my writer and script supervisor (Bunty and Sparsh) in Sunny Paaji’s vanity to check how his mood is every morning (laughs). If he’s in a good mood, just call me and I’ll join you guys (laughs). Being the senior most in the unit he was like an elder brother to all of us. One thing that I loved about him was that he never questioned me regarding any scene or shot despite me being a first timer. I would genuinely like to thank Sunny paaji for that” added Shreyas.

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Ask him about making Sunny Deol dance he said, “We told him, you have to dance and he was initially okay with it, but during the day of shoot, he was petrified and refused to shoot, but then we cajoled him that it will be fine and once he started to dance, he went with the flow.”

Well with Sunny Paaji dancing who wouldn’t like to watch this film? We are looking forward to the fun this trio is about to offer us with this film.

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