Shweta Tripathi: Prep for role in Covid-19 era drastically different

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Mumbai, Nov 14 (IANS) Actress Shweta Tripathi Sharma is now focussing on her new project Escaype Live after the release of her much-hyped series Mirzapur 2. She says process of preparation for her next, amidst the pandemic, has been completely different from what it used to be in normal times.

Escaype Live follows the lives of five young Indians grappling with their mundane existences. Finding quick fame on a massively popular live-streaming app, these youngsters explore the suspended reality of the internet and its impact on an emerging Digital Bharat.

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Shweta runs a beauty parlour in the show.

“The show has an enticing premise and I can’t wait to start working with Abhishek Sengupta, my ‘Laakhon Mein Ek’ director. Ordinarily, prepping for this part would’ve meant spending time at a beauty parlour seeing their way of life. But prep in times of Covid are drastically different,” she said.

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“I am in touch with the usual parlour lady who has worked with me for many years. She has been helping me pick up mannerisms and mood of the character. There are nitty gritties to learn yet. I am starting with the nuances of how they do threading eyebrows,” she added.

A lot of the character’s perfection, she feels, will come from the body language which she is actively working on.

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“A lot of online tutorials have come handy in learning as well. Strangely enough, I had wanted to run a beauty parlour as a kid, and now, my characters are allowing me to live my childhood dreams. I have been following a few beauty bloggers, and their tips have been helpful in learning and understanding the ground work required for the job,” said Shweta.



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