Simran Kaur Mundi: After Miss India, I was not interested in films

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After being crowned Miss India Universe in 2008, it took Simran Kaur Mundi more than three years to make her feature film debut. Even then, after being launched with JO HUM CHAHEIN (2011), Simran went slow as far as signing new films was concerned. Now that she is being seen on the big screen again with Balaji's KUKU MATHUR KI JHAND HO GAYI, one just looks forward to the pretty young woman being much more active in the Bollywood arena.

'When I won Miss India, my attitude towards films was different. I was not interested in doing films and was only focused on modeling. Even though my agent was after me to do films, I somehow didn't get that kick. However, after I did modeling for three years, I realized that it was getting a lot monotonous,' reveals Simran.

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It was only then when she decided to move to London and pick up some international modeling assignments.

Meanwhile, there was buzz around her in Bollywood and she was approached for JO HUM CHAHEIN.

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'I decided to go for an audition and was selected. So technically speaking, it was only in 2011 when I started looking for films. I may have one Hindi release to my name but then I have also done four more films in Hindi, Punjabi and Telugu, which I guess is not bad,' she smiles.

She has made up her mind to be much more active than ever before in the world of films.

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'That's true,' she says, 'Now I know that this is what I want to do, and this is the reason why I am not restricting myself to any one industry. You would see me in all languages. Who knows, I may do a Bengali film too tomorrow.'

While one waits to see that happening, closer home her KUKU MATHUR KI JHAND HO GAYI releases next Friday.

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