SIMRAN Trailer: You will love Kangana despite her character flaws

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Bollywood’s queen Kangana Ranaut is a head-turner as whatever she says or does is always newsworthy. So when SIMRAN was announced it had everyone excited as we all know Kangana, is a powerhouse performer that is she collaborating with a National award-winning director of Hansal’s caliber, the film is definitely going to be a treat to watch.

We have seen SIMRAN’s teaser and were eagerly waiting for its trailer, and finally yesterday the makers of the film launched its first trailer.

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The trailer opens with Kangana mouthing these lines “Isse maate rokk nahi sakti, raaste bandh nahi sakte. Yeh hawa azaad hai. Mujhe lagta hai jaise mere peeth se yeh do chote chote teetli ke jaise pankh nikal rahein hain aur fir who phailne lagte hain.”

After reading these lines if you think that these are the sentiments of a simple girl who wants to live her life to the fullest and break away from the shackles of everyone’s perception of her, then you are partially right as that’s how Praful is but there's more to her.

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Praful though appears to be like any other common girl but in reality, she is not. She has a character flaw of gambling and theft and interestingly she loves doing what she does. Her parents are fed up of her as she is a divorcee. But Praful thoroughly enjoys her single status by using cheesy lines to flirt with guys.

Apparently she confesses her character flaws to the man she probably loves but instead of taking her seriously the man cracks up. This is another problem of Praful, people close to her neither understand her nor take her seriously.

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Praful doesn’t care about whether what she does is right or wrong. She has embraced her character flaws and made peace with it in fact she is having a gala time by stealing and gambling and committing other such crimes.

Will she ever get caught? Will she find the love of her life who accepts her and love her even after knowing her flaws? Well for that we will have to wait for the film’s release.

Needless to say Kangana’s acting is terrific and we are eagerly looking forward to the film’s release as it offers a very unique and never-seen-before storyline.

Watch the official trailer of SIMRAN below:

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