Sneha Ullal, on Salman, Aishwarya and love!

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Sneha Ullal is back on the Bollywood Radar, after a brief hiatus, the girl who took Bollywood by storm as a 15-year-old starring opposite Salman Khan in LUCKY – NO TIME FOR LOVE is back with BEZUBAAN ISHQ which releases this Friday.

Martin D’Souza, who met her 10 years ago, meets up with her again a decade later. The girl is wiser, more mature, and of course is stunning as well. Unlike the unsure girl he met way back then who did not even know to take care of her hair!

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Here, he gets her to speak about her love, life, Salman Khan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and films.

Excerpts from an interview:

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In LUCKY, you had no time for love… Have you fallen in love?
I had all the time for love back then but now I can only see my career. Love for a man would only destroy my career. That is how I see it. To answer your question; yes, I have been in love and it was wonderful. Yes, I miss being in love. But no, I have no time for it now.

Ok, you’ve been in love, fell out of love. But where did you disappear?
I had to disappear. I was too little at that time to take on this career. I needed time and maturity.

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So where have you been all these years?
I was busy with South films and I have learnt a lot from my stint there. I have gained a lot of experience.

What was the biggest gain from the South experience?
Maturity; I gained a lot of it down south. The South has been a journey that’s turned me into a professional actor which to me is the number one quality an artiste must have to begin with. I have done seven-plus films in Telugu and my very first one put me in the bigger league. I was ‘lucky’ there too!

Why did you choose to move away when you got your biggest break alongside the biggest Khan?
I never wanted to become an actor and LUCKY didn’t change that for me. I was really young with an incomplete education. I had to take my time to graduate. I’m happy with my decision to stay away. I learned a lot and I feel more ready now. Being the ‘Lucky’ girl is an advantage today!

So what according to you went wrong?
Nothing went wrong. I had the best launch; I had the best team promoting me; I had the best offers any actor could want. But I was 15 and I wasn’t ready to become an actor or make Bollywood my career. LUCKY happened by luck and not by a plan.

Looking back, did the comparison with Ash bear you down?
Back then I did get the best offers and treatment and stardom and opportunities to do well so I would say the comparisons never brought me down. It never will. It’s not a negative thing to me.

Did you at any time feel you lost your identity because of this?
Never; I don’t have an ego. I understand where I am and where Ash is. I’m happy being me and I’m working on myself every day.

Have Salman and you been in touch after LUCKY?
Yes, we never lost touch. He is my lucky godfather and more a friend.

What about Sohail and Arbaaz, they both produce movies, were you approached for any of their movies?
Yes back then, like I said, I was offered the best. I will be offered the best tomorrow. Amen.

What are your expectations from BEZUBAAN ISHQ?
I am numb if not nervous. I have done my best and been true to my work. I can only hope to become second time lucky!

Considering there are no big names in this film, and how big films are bombing, BOMBAY VELVET for eg, how do you foresee the fate of this film?
I believe that simplicity beholds beauty and BEZUBAAN ISHQ is that. It’s a simple film for simple people. I have faith in the audience. We do our jobs well and that’s what matters.

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