Soha Ali Khan flaunts her fab body on FHM cover

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Trust Soha Ali Khan, little sis of Chhote Nawab, to spring some kinky surprises. The last time she posed for a mag cover in lingerie, the pretty lass made many a man go weak in their knees and now Soha is back in a never-before-seen avatar.

Going with the current trend of sexy, slim and svelte, now Bollywood hottie Soha Ali Khan has acquired a fab body by shedding those extra kilos and must say she is just looking fantabulous in her chiseled look in the hottest ever photoshoot for FHM, a famous men's magazine.

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Though Soha has a body to-die for, the lissome beauty in an exclusive chat with the magazine reveals that she has podgy knees and she is not used to workouts. The secret to her newly acquired killer abs and derriere curves is just squats and yoga, which has the most delicious side effects. She also admits being a spoilt, upfront to the point of being brutal and used to having her way and blames it on her being a princess.

The goddess may have a body to flaunt now but neither Soha is game for bikini, ''You know I am not going to wear a bikini… You've already tried enough,'' she laughs and nor finds item songs exciting enough, ''What does one get from being in the news? It's so much easier to be anonymous,'' she argues. ''Mumbai is a city of frustrated dreams and struggling lives.''

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Despite having starry tantrums, the princess Khan is quite realistic about her career, which hasn't exactly been a walk in the park with movies like TERA KYA HOGA JOHNNY suddenly shelved and another supernatural thriller with Shiney Ahuja that never finished.

She also gets bored of being credited only for RANG DE. ''To be honest I'm really bored of people talking only about RANG DE… I wish people talked about other movies I have done. RANG DE worked for a lot of reasons other than just me,'' she says.

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Nevertheless Soha's career suddenly seems very much back on the fast track she's landed herself a role in MIDNIGHT'S CHILDREN and the sequel to SAHEB, BIWI AUR GANGSTER (which she's shooting in the plains of Gujarat), and she's just wrapped up shooting for a show for Discovery

Soha, who has been in a steady relationship with actor Kunal Khemmu, reminisces about her puppy love, the high school romance which went nowhere. . ''Long distance never works. Nor do high school romances. Every weekend in college someone would be sitting in the dorm with a bottle of vodka nursing a broken heart.''

She's very much the sort of girl you can discuss Ramsay horror movies and sip mojitos (as long as you are making them) with. She's also the kind of a girl who'd drive you up a wall because she wants everything done very specifically and more importantly, just her way.

She's the girl who'll have you out on the street looking for chocolate chip cookies at 2.30am in your pyjamas and still make you love her for it…That's our girl Soha Ali Khan!

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