Sona Mohapatra: ‘I don’t plan to shut up any time soon’


Mumbai, Oct 25 (IANS) “Shut Up Sona”, singer Sona Mohapatra’s self-produced documentary film based on her life, has won a Special Jury Mention in the Film Critics Guild Award section of the just-concluded Jio MAMI 21st Mumbai Film Festival with Star.

“I thank MAMI, their programming team and backers for being so welcoming and brave. It’s an incendiary film. I’m calling out such important people and issues, yet it didn’t deter the festival from giving us a platform and an award. I’m overwhelmed with the artistic freedom they uphold. I am proud of my cultural roots and this film, a love letter to my country seeking change through music and protest is a first of many journeys that I plan to make as a creative artist. I do not plan to shut up anytime soon,” said Sona.

Directed by Deepti Gupta, “Shut Up Sona” is a 90-minute long film revolves around the journey of the singer and how her outspoken nature has often landed her in trouble. The film showcases Sona’s journey as a rock star, performer, her music of protest, #MeToo campaign and more. The film raises deeply disconcerting questions about the gendered nature of art in contemporary times and also takes the viewer on a journey of the singer’s musical roots and influences.








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