SONA SPA New Trailer: Sleep like a baby in Naseer’s Spa

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If you have been missing your sleep or deprived of a peaceful sleep all this while, don’t worry as Naseer’s SONA SPA guarantees you a restorative sleep anytime, Day or Night! Well, this is what is proclaimed by the lead actor Naseeruddin Shah in the new trailer of upcoming film SONA SPA, written and directed by Makrand Deshpande.

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While the first trailer introduced you to the sleep selling spa run by Naseeruddin Shah with the condition of sleep-workers having access to the dreams of their clients, the second trailer, going a step further, claims that if you step in Sona Spa you will enjoy the ‘sleep’ like a baby!

The trailer is pretty intriguing with every cast and turn of events having a certain enigma attached to it. Adding to this is Naseer’s Godman act, which is inexplicable to the core.

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SONA SPA is based on Makrand Deshpande’s popular Hindi Play with the same. The thriller also stars Nivedita Bhattacharya, Aahana Kumrah, Vinit Sharma, Shruti Vyas, Pooja Pradhan and Romi Jaiswal. Produced by Madan Paliwal and Sonal Deshpande, the music of the film is com posed by Shailendra Barve.

SONA SPA hits the screens on 22nd March 2013. Till then stay intrigued!

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