Sonakshi Sinha: I am enjoying being voluptuous and curvaceous

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HOLIDAY is up for release and while Sonakshi Sinha is making appearances for its promotion, what is pretty noticeable about her is the weight loss that she is currently enjoying. With a slimmer body to boast of and a stylish persona on display, one can well foresee a new Sonakshi in films that would be releasing later this year.

view SONAKSHI SINHA HD photo gallery
view SONAKSHI SINHA HD photo gallery

So what’s the raaz of it all?

”Naah, there is no big raaz in this,” laughs Sonakshi, “I am not doing anything strenuous or something which is unachievable. It is just that I am being regular about my fitness schedule. Otherwise earlier I used to come back from work after a long day and then won’t have any time to look after myself. Today I know that I have to most certainly go to a gym even on outdoors. It could be on an early morning or late evening but that’s one regime I am not letting go off.”

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A complete foodie, she isn’t following any specific diet plan either and is going easy on her eating. “My philosophy is that I work out so that I can eat. So if I have craving for food, I make sure that I slog my body enough to burn out all the calories,” she says.

For someone who has never been apologetic about her body frame and structure, how does she look at her transition from the days of DABANGG to TEVAR now? “I am still enjoying being voluptuous and curvaceous; that side of me would never go away as it is my basic body frame. Though, I must add that I now have added choices for my wardrobe. I am enjoying it all,” she smiles.

Way to go Sonakshi!

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