Sonakshi Sinha: I won’t call ‘Govinda’ song an image changer

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Sonakshi Sinha would be back on the big screen all over again next Friday with OMG OH MY GOD! and she is mighty excited about that. After all, she has been seen in ‘desi’ roles all this while as both DABANGG as well as ROWDY RATHORE carried a rustic flavour. However with the song ‘Govinda’ in OMG OH MY GOD, she has managed to break the shackles and tried doing something altogether different. By the look of things, it seems like she made this decision as a part of an image changing exercise and also proved to the world that she too could go ahead, enjoy and have fun if an opportunity arises.

view OMG OH MY GOD! stills
view OMG OH MY GOD! stills

Says after a brief pause, “No, I won’t really call it an image changing exercise per se. See, where I am placed is because of the kind of films that I have done. Moreover, it isn’t as if I haven’t danced before. There were quite a few in ROWDY RATHORE and especially in ‘Dhadang Dhadang’ there were some really aggressive steps involved. Similarly now when this opportunity to do ‘Govinda’ came up, I picked it up.”

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Apparently it was none other than Akshay Kumar who goaded her into doing the song. After ROWDY RATHORE, he felt that Sonakshi had it in her to get into such ‘dhinchaak’ mode and when there was a situation for a song-n-dance number in the film came up, he immediately threw this idea to Sonakshi.

Laughs Sonakshi, “You know how casual he can get about such things. We were just sitting when he said, ‘Tu Yeh Gaana Karegi Kya?’. I didn’t know whether he was indeed serious. He just asked me to listen to it once. Once I heard it, there was no way I could have said no to it. Now you can see the results. I have realised that anything you do with good intentions and heart in the right place does turn out well. More than anything else, Akshay is such a great co-star that I can’t say no to him.”

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