Sophie Choudry croons in French for Preity Zinta’s ISHKQ IN PARIS


After crooning as a playback singer for Bollywood film PYAAR KE SIDE EFECTS, VJ, singer, actress Sophie Choudry is back with Preity Zinta's upcoming film ISHKQ IN PARIS.

Sophie has lent her voice for the disco number 'It's all about the night' in the film, however in French. While the Hindi parts are sung by Sunidhi Chauhan.

Not many know Sophie has graduated in European Politics & French and later studied at an esteemed political institute in Paris, France. So, her fluency with the language is quite obvious.


So when actor-turned-producer Preity Zinta, whose upcoming film ISHKQ IN PARIS is set in the romantic city of Paris in France and has the milieu of French culture, discovered this fact she went ahead and decided to give the party song a French touch. She brought Sophie on board to sing the French portion.

Though the song was already recorded in Sunidhi's voice, the French portion was added from behind.

Says Sophie, ''The track 'It's all about the night' is a situational party number. Preity is a dear friend of mine. During an occasion when she saw me speaking French fluently with French Brand Ambassador she was stunned.


The very next day I got a call from Preity saying 'Babes I really need your help. I want you to sing in French in one of the songs of my upcoming film',' continues Sophie, 'Though Sunidhi Chauhan had already recorded the Hindi vocals; Preity wanted something beyond that looked authentic.

As she plays half Indian and half French girl in the film, she wanted that her character is able to sing in Hindi as well as French. She wanted to give an international feel to the song. Music composers Sajid-Wajid were quite encouraging. Thankfully it all worked & looks relevant and not overdone.''

Sophie is ecstatic that after Spanish, Italian, Arabic Bollywood is now traversing French. She says, ''Over the years Bollywood songs were influenced with Spanish language like 'Senorita' or Arabic like 'Mashallah' or Italian in THE GREAT GAMBLER.


I think it's time for some French now as we've hardly heard anything in French. I believe ISHKQ IN PARIS will popularize that also.''

Where many popular pop singers like Mika turned to playback singing since private video albums are no more in demand, Sophie still places private video albums over playback singing.

Sophie says, ''In playback, you are in background while in video you are presented as an artist. In the case of video albums people recognize your talent while in playback singing they relate with the stars or actors directly, which is the biggest drawback and bit upsetting. And it's not just about me every single artist would want their own voice to get highlighted.'

So ask her about this change of trend and she tells, 'That's because No channel, these days, plays Non-Filmi songs. Maximum time they play filmi songs. Sadly even Music Companies today are spending only on films. Moreover, Media too doesn't show any support.''

Besides singing Sophie has also made her mark in acting in the films like SHAADI NO 1, PYAAR KE SIDE EFFECTS, SPEED, KIDNAP, MONEY HAI TOH HONEY HAI, etc. The last time she was seen on-screen was in 2009's film CHINTUJI and a special appearance in Tamil film VEDI (2011). Ask Sophie about her gap in acting ventures and she reasons, ''I am coming back.

I took a break. I was bored of being offered same kind of roles…Meanwhile I did lot of acting workshops, was busy with my live shows, other recordings and kept learning a lot. Today cinema is changing but there is lot of classification of glam and de-glam…Unfortunately for filmmakers glam means bimbo roles and de-glam means it has lot of meat…I think that perception should change.''

Sophie further says she was ahead of her time when she stepped her foot in acting. As that point of time singers were not looked upon as actors. In fact many of her friends advised that by doing so she might kill her well established career as VJ and singer.

While in the west the concept of Triple Threat – where an artist is referred for his multi-talented facets, (for e.g. Jennifer Lopez is known as incredible dancer, singer and actress is referred as Triple threat), has been prevalent from quite some time, people in Bollywood have started realizing its importance now as per Sophie.

''Today being multi-entertainers is the in thing. Multitasking is the order of the day. People like VJ Ayushmann are making a mark because of their versatility. When I came in this industry nobody thought in this direction.

People were not very appreciative about it. Being a VJ and singer they found me highly glamorous and it was too much for them to accept me in any other role. Being a VJ there were restrictions enough.

In the west this has been a trend from long time. Look at Jennifer Lopez she can act, sing and dance all at one time which is known as triple threat. In Hollywood it is considered as huge asset and really valued. Now it is being considered in India as well.''

Talking about her future assignments in singing Sophie says, ''I would love to do something in Tamil & Telugu now. On the album front, I have recorded with DJ Suketu, an old Pancham Da song 'Pyaar Pe Dil pe Maar'. That's my new video, a non-film album. And I am quite confident about it. I am happy for my work.''



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