Spectacles as a new fashion statement

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For a woman to appear in the public space sporting a pair of spectacles was to convey that she is a plain Jane. But things have started changing and sporting a cool and chic spectacles has become a fashion statement, and even Sonakshi Sinha has joined the bandwagon when she appeared along with her mother in a pair of spectacles at the special screening of her film LOOTERA.


The present crop of female actors indeed have discovered a pair of spectacles as cool and glamorous attire and really, for majority of the females in the country would be thanking in their hearts of hearts these stars as it would give them quite a lot of confidence to appear in public sporting a spectacles.

The credit for giving a touch of glamour and chic to the pair of spectacles however should be given to Deepika Padukone in the recent times, who carried it on with a rare sense of flourish and chutzpah in YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI and made it a vital fashion accessory. However, in the recent times, if one were to change the goal post and take the reference point to a decade ago, it was Preity Zinta who carried it with aplomb and with lots of glamour in KAL HO NA HO and perhaps could take the credit for being the diva who set the tone for making pair of spectacles a fashion statement.

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Other leading lady who has been rather casual about appearing in a pair of spectacles is Sonam Kapoor who sports spectacles with quite panache. One does not know whether the confidence to sport the pair of spectacles has emanated from the fact that Big B started sporting it in a Big way, but it would not be too hyperbolic to underline that it was Big B who became the real endorser of a pair of spectacles in a public through the scores of characters that he portrayed, and it’s another manifestation would be seen in SATYAGRAHA.

One only hopes that 2013 would emerge as the year when spectacles would indeed emerge as a fashion statement and the notion for the female of the kind who wear it as being christened –behenjee types – would become a thing of the past.

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