Sridevi: I am very sensitive & get easily hurt

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Oye! FM Sabse Filmi, went ENGLISH VINGLISH with Bollywood star Sridevi as she spoke her heart out on renowned host Sid K’s show Oye! Talkies.

When Sid probed her on the secret behind her young look at this age, Sridevi replied, “The reason I look young is because I have Rasam and Sambhar everyday.”

She further revealed about some interesting incidences while filming for ENGLISH VINGLISH.


While she was shooting for ENGLISH VINGLISH in Pune, a guy dressed up like a groom chased her in the middle of the road with a garland in his hand. She of course was terrified until she realised that he was only a fan who was about to get married but saw her on the road and left his wedding in between just to greet her.

She went on a confessing spree on the show, saying “I am a parrot. I just mug up my lines and I have done that all my life as I am not that fluent in any of the languages whether it is Hindi, English, Malayalam or Tamil.”

Sridevi poured her heart out about her family life saying that she gets very upset with her two kids and her husband Boney Kapoor when she cooks affectionately for them, but they refuse to come to the table for dinner as her hubby is always busy on the phone and her kids are always playing video games. She then howls at them and the moment she does that, they quietly come and take their seats on the dinner table. She claims that she has now sorted out her family members.


She also confessed that she is very sensitive and gets hurt easily. Though, in front of her family, she is a joker and her family members keep pulling her leg on small things and she makes them laugh, even when she is serious as they don’t take her seriously most of the time.

She further added, “I have a problem with numbers, I remember only 4 numbers. My husband’s, two kids and my sister’s number, besides that I don’t have a clue who else to call.”

Sid told her that he found out from sources close to her, that she is terrified of cats and runs in the opposite direction when she sees one. To this, Sridevi emotionally replied, “When I was kid, my pet cat that was my heart and soul passed away. Since then I feel sad when I see cats.”

When Sid brought the topic of Ram Gopal Varma and how Ramu was obsessed about her and publicly said that he was envious of Boney Kapoor because he married Sridevi. Sridevi blushed saying that, “When I heard Ramu’s statement initially I was very embarrassed. But when I thought about it, I realised it was one of the best compliments I got.”

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When asked to her who among the new actresses had the potential to be a superstar? Without batting an eyelid, the diva said ‘Deepika Padukone though Vidya, Priyanka and Sonakshi are also very impressive.’

Sid told her that he has watched her song ‘Kaante Nahi Katte’ from MR. INDIA a thousand times, to which Sridevi said that it was not known to anyone that while filming that popular song she was running high fever at 103 degrees.

Asked about her idea of a perfect romantic date, Sridevi giggled saying “My idea of a romantic date is a long drive, soothing music and a quiet dinner.”


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