Sridevi: My kids were upset watching ENGLISH VINGLISH

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Sridevi's comeback film ENGLISH VINGLISH, that garnered praise from all corners, gripped everyone with its heartfelt concept and left teary-eyed. The film's delicate subject and Sridevi's endearing performance touched the hearts of many. Not only the audiences & superstars like Amitabh Bachchan but it also moved her daughters – Jhanvi & Khushi and their friends and made a sincere impact on their minds.

Sridevi tells, "Actually, when my kids saw the film they were very upset with it. Especially my younger daughter she was saying that 'Mamma I was very upset that how can anybody treat mom like that. I am very hurt. Why did she (the little girl in the film) do that to my mother?" on further asking about her kids reaction seeing their mother on-screen Sridevi said, "I could make out that they were very happy and proud of it. They complimented me. In fact, after seeing the film Jhanvi's friends, who are placed in abroad, called up their mom and apologized. So it was touching. After watching the film they realized about this fact."

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Now that the film has done well everywhere and receiving rave reviews and also the fact she is the only actress whose comeback film was given thumbs up, ask Sridevi if she was expecting such an awe-inspiring response and she says, "ENGLISH VINGLISH was a simple film that's why people appreciated it. Everyone worked hard behind it. Every artist wishes that their film works. I am grateful to God, my fans and audience, who received it well. Thankfully, there was no over-the-top mellow drama and the film was conveyed in a subtle way that is I think worked greatly for the film."

She further adds, "The film was never meant for achievement. We just wanted to tell a simple story. We were trying to convey a certain message through the film that it is not just about English language but it is about the feeling how the other person feels and now you have to respect them. And I think we have succeeded in doing that."

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After being away from limelight for 16 years, ask Sridevi if she was able to accept herself on-screen in the same way and she says, "My acceptance doesn't matter. All that matters is whether my audience is ready to accept me or they have accepted or not. But it never crossed my mind that audience will accept my comeback or not. I was only thinking about my character, my look and blindly followed Gauri."

Asked Sridevi if she could discover any change in her acting over the years and she said, "More than the change, as an actor, I always used to think whether I did or gave my best or I could have done much better than this."

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Sridevi ruled the roost throughout 80s and early 90s and now with the success of her comeback film ENGLISH VINGLISH she has once again proved that she is the true queen of Bollywood. However, for Sridevi more than film's success it's the love and respect of her audience which matters most. She says, ""For me, obviously the success of the film matters. But I keep my audiences over the film. It's very important how they are going to like it or receive the film. That is what matters to me first then success will follow automatically."

Since her husband Boney Kapoor is a well-known producer and Sridevi in her heydays has worked in many of his films, probe Sri about her hubby's involvement in her projects and she says, "Boney's involvement is there everywhere. We share everything under the sun. Even when Gauri came up with ENGLISH VINGLISH script Boneyji read it, my kids also took interest in it. We all reacted in same way. Luckily our thoughts are almost same."

Sri is one of the rare lucky actors, who was bestowed with the opportunity to portray various women-centric roles. And now her comeback film ENGLISH VINGLISH also being a women-centric, ask if she consciously picks her roles and she quickly responds, "All I can say is everything is destined that way. It's a combination of script; director's thought process etc… Gauri has really done a wonderful job. Being her first film she did superb job. She could covey it through the character she could relate to the character. Be it Mother, wife, girlfriend or husband everybody could relate to the character."

Sridevi may have enthralled us with her chirpy, effervescent girl-next door roles in her younger times but now she wants to take up ventures which gel with her image & persona. "I don't want to do something which I think I am not comfortable with. It should suit my image, status, my age. I don't want to look like a clown."

Where doing bold scenes and item numbers have quite become a trend in today's time, director Gauri Shinde showed lot of restrain to incorporating some jhatka matka numbers or bold content in her film ENGLSH VINGLISH. Sridevi barges in, "…Because the subject was like that you don't want to go out of the way and push something that is not required. When the subject or script is so strong you don't need such kind of things to support it."

With ENGLISH VINGLISH's positive outcome, Sri is now keen to do more films and continue her run in Bollywood. In fact she has signed on few projects as well but she is not ready to disclose anything. She says, "With the kind of positive reaction I have received definitely I would like to continue. Yes I have got few film offers and looking forward to it but right now I can't disclose anything more."


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