Sriram Raghavan: Had not seen Varun Dhawan’s STUDENT OF THE YEAR because it wasn’t my cup of tea

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Bollywood director Sriram Raghavan’s upcoming film BADLAPUR has created the right buzz & is much awaited. From his cast to the story, everything looks engaging & intriguing especially Varun’s look in the film. And the director says that BADLAPUR is an extremely bold choice for Varun and he has seen a solid growth in the youngster’s performance.

When asked if he was convinced in casting Varun for this role he said, “I wasn’t hesitant to cast Varun because he is the first actor we had met. I remember I had not seen STUDENT OF THE YEAR as it is not my kind of a film and not my cup of tea. I have seen the other Karan Johar movies like MY NAME IS KHAN, KABHI ALVIDA NAA KEHNA & others. After casting Varun, I was like let me see what this boy has done and then I saw the film.”  
We haven’t seen Varun in such a role ever before. So when questioned him whether he thought that Varun would be able to pull off this character he said, ”I went by his enthusiasm for the whole thing & how he responded to the story. As an actor he could have said ‘no, I have just started out, I want to do positive things, my image is different.’ But, he never said these things, his only question was, ‘do you think I can do it?’ I said yes because, probably he was the newcomer who was hungry and was trying to do something different. I thought this was very bold. So I told him to take 3-4 days and think over this. Because I was worried that he would say yes to me on the same day and then two days later, his father, who was my senior at the institute would call me and say, ‘boss, what are you doing with my son and what are you doing with this kind of a story, tu barbaad kar denga usse. (You will ruin him). But, that call never came. Then I asked Varun if he told his father about this. He said that he told him little bit. His brother, Rohit knew the entire story and encouraged him to pick up this kind of a film. I think it is an extremely bold step for him to do this because at this age you feel I have just come, let me play it safe. He has broken that play it safe thing for good.”

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Varun’s character looks very dark in the film. Ask the filmmakers if it was a conscious decision and he says, “No, the story was like that. Other than the flashback, Varun smiles only once in the movie. He isn’t sad, but it is like something is eating him inside with the grief, anger & pain. It’s a character study actually.” 
As him if he discovered something different & new in Varun while preparing for BADLAPUR and he says, “I was telling him about how people deal with loss and how differently they react to such things. It’s not a happy happy situation in our lives all the time. At some point or the other, things will happen to us which are horrible. So he use to go home and meet such people and then come back all psyched. The man who came back was Varun Dhawan only, but he was more the character than Varun. You could see that the BADLAPUR character had affect him. One the set he is still my character, so I am fine, but once he goes back home, his parents use to say that he used to talk & behave weirdly.”

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“It’s an extremely bold choice for Varun to do BADLAPUR. I felt that if this works, it will give Varun the confidence to do more such things. In our industry, we watch certain kind of movies we like, but what we make is not that. The audience also is going to get to watch movies with a little more maturity. I am hoping it works for that reason.”  
Further talking about BADLAPUR he said, “This is a much more serious movie. There is entertain in the sense there is a lot of fun & humour, but overall, thematically, it is a mature kind of a story and it is a drama, it’s not an action film. I like to make movies like I watch them. ”

Starring Varun Dhawan, Yami Gautam, Huma Qureshi, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Divya Dutta, Radhika Apte, Vinay Pathak & others, BADLAPUR is produced by Dinesh Vijan & Sunil Lulla and is set to release on 20th February, 2015.
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