SRK’s JTHJ to emerge as point of departure in which romance is picturised?

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Romance as it is construed in Indian cinema is characterized, from a male perspective, by the trait that the male in question wooing the lady on the screen, should be neatly presented, should more or less be clean shaved and well dressed-up. If one were to look from that perspective would Shahrukh Khan change the paradigms of conducting romance on the screen, and take it beyond the realm of physical self, to being a state where being in love is displayed on the screen through the expressions independent of the getups. JAB TAK HAI JAAN once when it is released next week should be able to answer that question, and if one were to go along with the promos, it seems to be heralding a new phase of romance, romance of a modern Majnu, who may be unkempt physically, in terms of sporting a beard, but is a die-hard romantic at heart.

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Indeed, Shahrukh Khan dabbled in this stylization, obviously in Yash Chopra’s VEER ZAARA and looked dapper and suave as he mellowed in the jail and once he came out and wore his normal clothes the looks gave him a different aura.

After all, how long would romance as it is portrayed on the silver screen continue to be a romance of teenagers? Does falling in love a requiem reserved only for the teenagers? Can adults or those who have crossed forty not fall in love, after all forty is new twenties in the present times, and when a person above forty years of age falls in love he certainly brings about a sense of maturity to the manner in which the romance is projected.

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From an actor like Shahrukh Khan’s perspective, films of the genre of JAB TAK HAI JAAN provides a smooth transition, in sync with the age category, and do not present a dilemma of trying to portray characters not in sync in age. Besides, it also could open a new career for the heroines of the likes of Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit to serenade Shahrukh Khan on the silver screen once again and the fans would salivate with anticipation if this kind of a combination is thrown up as an option.

May be, on his birthday, Shahrukh Khan could think of using his production company to dabble in this new genre of romance, and continues to maintain his suzerainty as the King of Romance. After all, Hollywood and other film production centres around the world practice this genre as well, and it is high time we also start doing that, and there is no better poster boy than Shahrukh Khan who can do it. Would he be the Outlier of Hindi cinema? Let’s wait and watch!

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