SS Rajamouli on MAKKHI: Proud to make a mark in animation

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Southern filmmaker SS Rajamouli, who is gearing up for his upcoming release MAKKHI, Hindi remake of his Telugu blockbuster EEGA, says that Indian animation industry has been looked down upon on the world stage but with his film MAKKHI, which is packed with some heavy-duty world-class animation, Indian animation industry will see a huge change from hereafter.

Rajamouli says, “Indian visual effects industry is now very established. There are very good studios across India. In fact all the big visual effects films which we are seeing like AVATAR, etc have some important part done in India. In the visual effects arena we are flourishing but when it comes to animation we are looked down upon because we haven’t produced any good animation either for films or any other sort of media. So we are looked down upon on the world stage.”

view AJAY DEVGN AT MAKKHI PRESS MEET picture gallery
view AJAY DEVGN AT MAKKHI PRESS MEET picture gallery

“In the film MAKKHI, 99 percent animation is done by Indian artists and that too all the animators are below 25-26 years except for one or two. That shows the faith in Indian animation industry is increasing by the day. And, I think, that is the biggest feat of the film. The film has attracted so much praise. Everyone’s lapping up and raving about it but for me the biggest pride is making a mark in animation. Now, with MAKHHI India’s animation arena is being looked upon. And I am very happy, ” he adds.

Talking about his upcoming film MAKKHI, Rajamouli says he was always sure about the concept but the biggest challenge was doing the animation of ‘Makkhi’. It consumed enough time to design animation for the character ‘Makkhi’.

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“I was always sure and had confidence in the story. I never had an iota of doubt about it being rejected but making wise it was a task. The biggest challenge was to give expressions to a makkhi through animation. Animation is a very difficult and challenging job. It takes enough time. It took close to 6-7 months in doing the animation of MAKKHI. ”

With voice over by Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgn, Reliance Entertainment releases MAKKHI on 12th October 2012!

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