Star-model Aishwarya continues to flourish in advertisements

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How many of us would remember that when Aishwarya Rai had made her debut in the world of entertainment, it was through a modeling assignment and she has again announced her comeback from motherhood with a modeling assignment for a jewelers company, Kalyan Jewelers, which incidentally is also being promoted by Pa-in-Law aka Big B as well. It also needs to be pointed that the jewelry brand that she is endorsing was earlier endorsed by Sushmita Sen. Indeed, it was the campaign for Pepsi, directed by Prahlad Kakkar, where she had made her presence felt in a big way along with Aamir Khan, and the tag line of her introduction was – Hi I am Sanju, Sanjana. When the campaign was unleashed the audience was blown of the feet. It is worth noting that she is the only actress who has endorsed both Pepsi and Coca Cola and it underlines her quotient of sale ability.


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been one of the few female stars, who continued to maintain a very fine balance between her acting life and modeling assignments. She is one of those rare stars who entered into the world of entertainment by virtue of being a model but continued to maintain her association with the modeling campaigns as well throughout her acting career. When one compares her career graph with reference to her acting and modeling, it would come out as a stark motif that the fine balance between these two domains continues to be her forte.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is also one of those rare film stars who is identified more with international brands, than national brands. Be it L’Oreal brand of cosmetics (endorsing for more than a decade) or Longinus brand of watches (13 continuous years of endorsement- an incredible feat for any star around the world), or Lux International, her repertoire has had an international visibility. Her phenomenal success with brands promoting and enhancing beauty stems from the fact that her presence in itself is a signature statement about beauty and therefore the beauty products that associate with her become beauty personified.

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Unlike her contemporaries her synonymity with beauty stems from the fact that she has been closely associated with brands promoting beauty and she is an erstwhile Miss World, it adds credence to the brand, and she has either consciously or by virtue of fortuitousness continued to maintain the aura of being a Diva. She is also one of those rare film-star who has been associated with different developmental agencies of the United Nations, latest association being with UNAIDS.

Creditable part of her endorsements have been that though she has been associated with L’Oreal for 13 years, she refused to endorse their skin whitening cream, understanding the matters of sensibilities associated with skin color in our country.

Indeed, the time has come for our policy makers to use her outreach for social and developmental programs targeting towards women in our country. After all, her Pa-in-Law has been promoter of social issues for quite a long time and may be the time has come for Daughter-in-Law to join in as well.

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