Subhash Ghai: The land was not sold to us!

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In 2000, Whistling Woods International – Institute for Film Communication Animation and Media Arts, Mumbai was established through a joint venture between Mukta Arts Limited and Filmcity Mumbai, under which Filmcity was supposed to bring in 20 acres of land as its share of the equity and Mukta Arts was to bring in cash resources towards setup of a Film & Media Institute.


Whistling Woods commenced operations in 2006 and over the past 6 years has built its brand as one of the best film schools in India, and has even been listed as one of the ten best film schools in the world by The Hollywood Reporter.

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The court has stayed its order for a period of 8 weeks. The order requires WWI to surrender 14.5 acres currently not in use while continuing operations for two more years. Mukta Arts is aggrieved by the order and is confident that it will get due justice in the Supreme court as Mukta Arts was not responsible for any procedural lapses and Mukta Arts has delivered more than its promise under the Agreement.

When we got in touch with Mr. Subhash Ghai, he told us ”Let me clear it first up that the land where Whistling Woods International is, was never sold to us below the market price, unlike what is being publicized. It was given/assigned to us (via joint venture with Filmcity). In fact we are being told to return the remaining 14.50 acres, we have not even got that yet!”

Mr. Ghai went on further, ”I have earned some name and reputation over the years and acted in good faith and thought it fit to give something back to this country and it was a noble cause to establish this institute (WWI). We have even put in close to Rs. 70 crores from our side. As you know the facilities have been rated as one of the ten best film schools in the world by The Hollywood Reporter.”

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