Sudhir Mishra: To claim something totally original would be foolish

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Arjun Rampal and Sudhir Mishra are working together for the first time in INKAAR and it is a known fact that the former was closely involved in the film right from the conceptualisation to the execution stage.

Sudhir Mishra: To claim something totally original would be foolish

”Yes, Arjun and I had a lot of discussions. There is nothing wrong with that since everyone has a point of view on a subject, especially something as strong as sexual harassment,” says Sudhir, ‘It’s like a situation that so many men and women are possibly confronting in the workplace. I see a bunch of people who work in various offices and they have similar tales to narrate. This isn’t restricted to metropolitan cities only. Whether it is the audience in Mumbai or Banaras, there is a Rahul and Maya (characters played by Arjun and Chitrangda) amidst them.’

However there has been one rumour making the rounds as well, something that Sudhir isn’t willing to take lying down. He goes on to deny the charge around his film being inspired by Mithun Chakraborty and Mallika Sarabhai starrer SHEESHA that had released around three decades ago and was again centered on the subject of sexual harassment at the workplace.

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‘See, I am not historical to know about what was made so many years ago. I admire 100 directors around the world. Based on the cinema that I have seen books which I have read and the music that I have listened to, to claim that I have made something totally original would be rather foolish. However that doesn’t mean that I would have lifted something blatantly,” he says.

Well, that’s a statement indeed. Now here is hoping that INKAAR too makes a statement once it hits the screens this Friday.

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