Suniel Shetty hopeful of change beginning with KOYELAANCHAL

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From BALWAAN (1992) to KOYELAANCHAL (2014), Suniel Shetty has pretty much seen it and done all, especially when it comes to action films. From playing a larger than life Mr. Muscleman in his debut film to enacting the part of a thinking IAS officer who never once flexes his muscles, Suniel is looking at a new innings in his career.

So over two decades down the line, what does success mean to him today?

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"That depends on how you look at success," says Suniel, "Frankly, when it comes to commercial aspects of a film, if you are talking about the big league then these days both success or failure is hogged by four or five major giants and entrepreneurs. (Pauses) I guess that's the only sad part that our film industry is going through right now. It's disappointing because everything has boiled down to the excel sheets. I don't know when did art start taking shape on computers."

Well, Bollywood couldn't have escaped from the world of commerce.

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"Yes, but then if you kill a child in the womb itself then how do you think he will achieve what he was set out to achieve! They say that every film has its own fate but then that is not true because an artist has to get his own charm out there on screen. He would be able to do so if he gets a right chance," says Suniel, "Anyways, I believe it's just a phase too. We have fought video wars and piracy. Other things will pass on too and change could well begin with KOYELAANCHAL."

One looks forward to that happening once the Asshu Trikha produced and directed film releases all over on 9th May.

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