Breaking: Suniel Shetty takes strong action against fraudsters


Bollywood action man with a heart of gold Suniel Shetty has taken strong action against a group who had used his photos on the poster without his consent.

The so-called organization claiming to be operating under the Anti-Corruption foundation of India had illegally used his name and photos on the various collateral extorting money from poor citizens.

On getting to know this Suniel Shetty spoke with Commissioner Police Mr. Sukesh Jain Asansol Durgapur West Bengal and the group of people were called to the police station.


According to sources, strong action has been taken against those people.

This is the price a celebrity has to pay.

Suniel Shetty is known to give his best foot forward for issues concerning the Nation and the industry as a whole.


His movement on mission Fit India, the online talent hub – FTC, etc. are well recognized.

Being a celebrity and having a caring heart doesn’t give anyone a license to misuse the name and fame for their selfish and unethical purpose.

This is how celebrities’ photos and names are used without their consent in small towns and cities to fool the poor citizens of India.


This action against these fraudsters will definitely set an example.



Breaking: Suniel Shetty takes strong action against fraudsters 1

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