Sunny Deol: These days focus is more on six pack abs than acting

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On one side Sunny Deol is gearing up for his upcoming release POSTER BOYS, then on other hand he is also set to launch his son Karan Deol in the industry. Karan Deol’s debut film is titled PAL PAL DIL KE PAAS, will be directed and produced by Sunny Deol.

During media interactions for Sunny’s upcoming film POSTER BOYS, when asked about his son Karan, Sunny said, “My focus is on my son as of now, and I can’t divulge any details as of now.”

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Sunny also has an advice for newcomers, who these days just focus on having a good body, flaunting abs and having the most recent haircuts other than acting. “I would like to say, it would be great if they focus on their acting skills, and not work just on body. These days the focus is more on six pack abs and looks and haircuts at the end you are an actor and you have entered the industry to act. I never advice my son anything, I want him to learn from the surrounding, by observing people,” he said.

Sunny Deol’s film POSTER BOYS will hit the screens tomorrow.

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