Sunny Deol turns 57, brings back ‘ageless action’ with SINGH SAAB THE GREAT

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Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, 67 and 66 years in age respectively, have come back together in an action flick ESCAPE PLAN this weekend. Well, these are not the only action heroes to be still revelling in the world of ‘dhishoom dhishoom’ and thrills. Closer home, Sunny Deol – who turns 57 today – appears much younger in comparison even as he takes on baddies in SINGH SAHAB THE GREAT.

“Obviously he won’t be indulging in DABANGG kind of action,” informs a source attached to the film, “When he has his ‘dhali kilo ka haath’ doing all the talking, why would he need the support of wires to hang him in there and kick around the baddies. He can take them on from much closer. The action here is much more rustic, ‘desi’ and rooted.”

download SINGH SAHEB THE GREAT wallpapers
download SINGH SAHEB THE GREAT wallpapers

There was not even a question of any body double or duplicate performing action on screen, given Sunny’s image. However, since he is approaching 60, some cynics did wonder if he would be up for the challenge associated with the gruelling action sequences that had been designed for him.

“Age doesn’t matter,” says director Anil Sharma, “It is still a number. In Hollywood, stars get to act as James Bond only after they turn 45-50 year old. It is right too since you need maturity to pull of certain roles. You look at Stallone and Schwarzenegger. They are approaching 70 but are still dong action films.”

He goes on to add, “If you look at the top heroes today, they are all 45 plus. Salman, Akshay, Ajay – they are doing so many action films. Look at Rajinikanth. He is 60 plus and still looks marvellous as a hero. It is only in India where there is this mindset attached to age.”

Well, as long as one gets to see vintage Sunny in place without being embarrassed of something as disappointing as his last YAMLA PAGLA DEEWANA 2, we are fine with that.

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