Sunny Leone loses out to Nathalia for DEPARTMENT

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Ram Gopal Varma may have declared his love for films, vodka and women quite publicly, though not necessarily in that order. He may have well advocated porn as well. However when it comes to Sunny Leone, the adult superstar who is making waves on the Indian shores, he hasn’t quite made a proposal. Though there were rumours making round that he was all set to sign her for a sizzling dance number in Sanjay Dutt starrer DEPARTMENT, the fact is that there wasn’t any concrete developments on that so far.

view SUNNY LEONE picture gallery
view SUNNY LEONE picture gallery

”Ever since Sunny made her intentions clear about making it big in Bollywood, quite a few filmmakers are considering her as a serious contender when it comes to a glamorous outing. While her looks aren’t been debated at all, it’s her acting skills that are yet to be gauged. Expectedly, Bhatts have jumped the fray and already signed her for a leading part in JISM 2. However others are not being adventurous and hence the first step in this direction has been to start slow and rope in for an item number. Ramu too was said to have given it a serious thought since DEPARTMENT is his most commercial movie in recent times,” informs an insider.

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This made sense as well since with desi tadka coming in the form of ‘Munnis’, ‘Sheilas’, ‘Chamelis’, ‘Jalebi Bais’ and ‘Shalus’ of the world, Sunny’s moves would have proven to be worth a dekko. Moreover Ramu has a knack of presenting women sensually (remember Urmila’s sensual act in ‘Hai Rama’?) and to witness Sunny dancing to his instructions may well have made for an erotic sight.

However as it has turned out, audience would have to wait since Ramu has actually finalised Brazilian half India-half Brazilian girl Nathalia Kaur for his item number ‘Dan Dan’ in DEPARTMENT. Though rumours were thick around the tossup between her, Sunny and film’s leading lady Madhu Shalini, Ramu has categorically denied ever approaching Sunny, ”Sunny was news to me too. Guess it is imagination of one of your species!”

Species? Well Ramu, we like the way you put it!

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