Sunny Leone: Never thought I would be making movies

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A few days or months in the Bollywood industry is enough for people to learn a lesson from. It is one industry that can teach people a lot of things; from dealing with successes & failures to that one hope of never giving up. Sexy actress, Sunny Leone, who has been in this industry for almost 3 years, too has learnt a lot from this glamorous industry.

When asked Sunny what is that one thing she has learnt from this industry, she said, “You have to keep an open mind; you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. I always say that that I never thought I would be here, never thought I would be making movies. Stuff like these doesn’t happen to girls like me, it just doesn’t.”

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She further said, “So I think if you’re a dreamer keep dreaming, work hard and stay dedicated.”

That was a good advice, Sunny!

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