Sushant -Kriti’s extensive training for lip lock!

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Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon are gearing up for the promotions of their upcoming film RAABTA. Their cracking chemistry is creating waves, right from the songs to the trailer, people are loving it and looking forward to the film!

Well, just for all you fans, the dynamic duo didn’t know how to swim and had to learn to do so for the film?
Both Kriti and Sushant took rigorous underwater training sessions in order to shoot the underwater bits in the film right. They took two weeks off and solely dedicated their time to these sessions so that they could perform with conviction when their director called to action!

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As seamless as it may have looked, their underwater kiss too, required a lot of training and effort!
To this, Sushant said, “For me getting into the skin of the character is a need. I have to be that person, know how to do what he does. Only then will it look like I am that person and not enacting it. In RAABTA too, I had to learn how to stay underwater for long and I was ready to do whatever it takes. It is the way an actor should rehearse and prepare for his role.'

Kriti added, “Before RAABTA happened, I didn’t really know how to swim and was scared of being underwater. The underwater sequences in the film needed me to be absolutely calm & comfortable while performing.

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As an actor, it’s very important to not have any parallel thoughts or fears while playing a character. Two weeks of swimming and scuba sessions eased me out. I still don’t love being underwater but I am not scared anymore,”

RAABTA is slated to release on June 9th, 2017.

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