Sushant Singh Rajput: A star who loved the stars


Sushant Singh Rajput’s sad demise has made everyone to think and everyone wants to know ‘WHY’ he took such a drastic step. We are trying to understand Sushant through his various social media posts. He was a star who loved stars, nature, poems and his beloved mother. Through his posts, it appears that he was in love with stars, space and wanted to be a part of NASA, be a Pilot. We also came across a few of the poems he posted which shows his deep thinking and also his love towards maths. Sushant always wanted to be a learner his entire life. It is quiet shocking how could a person like him do such an act. We are astonished, WHY?

The below are a few posts, do they hint at something? Don’t miss the last one.


If the red slayer think he slays,
Or if the slain think he is slain,
They know not well the subtle ways
I keep, and pass, and turn again.
Far or forgot to me is near;
Shadow and sunlight are the same;
The vanished gods to me appear;
And one to me are shame and fame.
They reckon ill who leave me out;
When me they fly, I am the wings;
I am the doubter and the doubt,
I am the hymn the Brahmin sings.
The strong gods pine for my abode,
And pine in vain the sacred Seven;
But thou, meek lover of the good!
Find me, and turn thy back on heaven. ——

“I’m deeply concerned by the fires in the Amazon rainforest,” said #UnitedNations Secretary-General @antonioguterres on Thursday. “In the midst of the global climate crisis, we cannot afford more damage to a major source of oxygen and biodiversity. The Amazon must be protected.”

As long as you were
i was.
Now just in my memories
i come alive.
Like that shadow
just flickers.
Time doesn’t move here
It’s beautiful mother
It’s forever…

अपना ग़म ले के कहीं और न जाया जाये
घर में बिखरी हुई चीज़ों को सजाया जाये
जिन चिराग़ों को हवाओं का कोई ख़ौफ नहीं
उन चिरागों को हवाओं से बचाया जाये ———————- बाग़ में जाने के आदाब हुआ करते हैं
किसी तितली को न फूलों से उड़ाया जाये
घर से मस्जिद है बहुत दूर चलो यूं कर लें
किसी रोते हुए बच्चे को हंसाया जाये ~ निदा फ़ाज़ली

यूँही मर मर के जिएँ वक़्त गुज़ारे जाएँ, ज़िंदगी हम तिरे हाथों से न मारे जाएँ
अब ज़मीं पर कोई गौतम न मोहम्मद न मसीह,
आसमानों से नए लोग उतारे जाएँ
वो जो मौजूद नहीं उस की मदद चाहते हैं, वो जो सुनता ही नहीं उस को पुकारे जाएँ
हम कि नादान जुआरी हैं सभी जानते हैं, दिल की बाज़ी हो तो जी जान से हारे जाएँ… ~ अहमद फ़राज़ ❤️

I dream to create an environment where kids of India 🇮🇳 and elsewhere, get ‘free’, improved and relevant education and great many ways to acquire any skill of choice for free. To create a structure like this, and now, could be highly possible with right intentions and some working knowledge of chaos and game theories, non-zero sum structures that bio-mimic. Any suggestion/feedback/idea for the Cause, if you have, please do share. I would be highly obliged.
It’s about time that we acknowledge ‘convergence’ that’s happening all around the globe and make the youth more competent and happy ‘now’. Because as they say, the more we learn, the lesser time it takes for us to learn even more. Let’s begin. It’s about ‘time’.

यूं तो अकेला भी अक्सर
गिर के संभल सकता हूँ मैं, तुम जो पकड़ लो हाथ मेरा
दुनिया बदल सकता हूँ मैं, —- माँगा है तुम्हें, दुनिया के लिए… अब ख़ुद ही सनम फैसला कीजिए
ओ मेरे दिल के चैन…❤️

Be kind, for everyone we meet is fighting a hard battle.