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Swara Bhasker rescues black kite, names it ‘Changez’

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Mumbai, April 5 (IANS) During the coronavirus lockdown, a special guest paid a visit to actress Swara Bhasker. And that special guest is none other than a wild baby black kite bird.

On Sunday, Swara took to Instagram to share how she found the bird nearby her house.

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“So I was walking my dog #Godot in the building garden/ parking area and he was sniffing what I thought was garbage but turned out to be A BABY KITE!!!!! A friggin’ bird of prey!!! The guard said it has fallen out 3-4 days ago! It’s mother had not come and was nowhere to be seen- one didn’t know where the nest was!

“Anyway I brought him/her home.. Spoken to a Wildlife Rescue NGO.. in the meantime named him CHANGEZ after Genghis Khan- he will rule the skies of Mumbai,” she wrote.

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She also posted a video in which she is seen feeding raw chicken to the bird.

For the uninitiated, Swara is a pet lover. She also has a dog and a few cats at her home.

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