Swwapnil Joshi wants ‘Samantar’ to be dubbed in Bengali

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Mumbai, March 27 (IANS) Marathi actor Swwapnil Joshi is garnering praise for his performance in the new web series “Samantar”, and the show has been dubbed in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu languages. He feels the series should now be dubbed in Bangla because Bengalis are among the most evolved audiences and constitute great connoisseurs of entertainment.

The show is based on the Marathi book ‘Samantar” written by Suhas Shirwalkar. According to the actor, Bengali and Marathi are languages rich with great literature.

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“When it comes to the audience, I would like to mention that Bengali and Marathi audience are some of the most evolved audience because we are highly influenced by our literature. Our literature are rich and experimental. So our audience is exposed to such kind of storytelling, way before everybody else. You see, ‘Samantar’ is one of the highest-selling books in Maharashtra. I so wish that our show gets dubbed and release in Bengali. I am sure they would love to watch it,” Swwapnil told IANS.

“Samantar” features Swwapnil with Krishna Bharadwaj and Tejaswini Pandit. The show streams on MX Player.

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