Talat Mehmood: India’s first playback singer to perform commercial concerts!

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Jalte hain jiske liye teri aakhon ke diye,
dhoond laya hoon wahi geet main tere liye,

The melodious song by Talat Mahmood, the Monarch of Ghazals in Bollywood is still a hot favorite among listeners of golden era music.

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The younger generation who is not much aware of Talat Mehmood would be stunned to know that he is India's first playback singer to go abroad and perform commercial concerts.

It may come as a surprise to the readers that in the mid-50s when singers like Lata Mangeshkar, Mohd. Rafi, Mukesh and Manna Dey had made their present felt in film fraternity yet, it was Talat Mehmood, who had a great craze in foreign countries.

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Hence, to bank on his popularity in 1956 for the first time in India, a music enthusiastic entrepreneur arranged a commercial concert of Talat Mehmood in East Africa. Initially, the concert tour was booked for six shows only but Talat Mehmood's shows were such a hit that each show witnessed a literal ruckus at the booking windows!

Encouraged by the show's unprecedented success the organizers later arranged 45 shows on public demand and all were house full!

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Later, Talat Mehmood became a celebrity singer in foreign countries like the United States, the UK, West Indies United States, the UK and West Indies.

Talat Mehmood's craze at international countries can be judged from the fact that he was invited on 'The Joe Franklin Show', a famous show on New York television that boosted viewership of 25 million Americans.

Glamsham.Com pays homage to Talat Mehmood on his death anniversary and hopes readers who have not heard much of Talat Mehmood's songs go and listen and marvel at the legend.




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