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Tanuja Chandra: I’ve inherited creative genes from mom

QARIB QARIB SINGLLE director Tanuja Chandra says she has inherited her creative genes from her mother Kamna Chandra, who has written films like PREM ROG, 1942-A LOVE STORY and CHANDNI.

"The story of QARIB QARIB SINGLLE came from a radio play she (mother) had written many years ago, the screenplay I wrote with my collaborator, Gazal Dhaliwal. Yes, I've certainly inherited my creative genes from my mother. She wrote amazing films like PREM ROG, CHANDNI, 1942: A LOVE STORY," Tanuja told IANS.

The director said that her mother is very good with "emotions, drama and narrates like a boss".

"She's also very funny. So yes, I learn a lot about writing from her," she added.

Tanuja has been in the industry for over 20 years and has worked in films like DUSHMAN, SANGHARSH, SUR – THE MELODY OF LIFE and FILM STAR.

She describes her journey as fantastic.

"It's been like life — adventurous, with plenty ups and down, intense, with huge learning, accompanied with lots of love and warmth as well as heartbreaks! It's been fantastic, as will be the next twenty," she added.


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