Gurucharan Singh: Delhi is getting worse day by day and we have to take the responsibility

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Gurucharan Singh who plays Sodhiji in Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma has strong views on Delhi smog he says, "I want my hometown to be clean and perfect, Delhi city is getting worse day by day and we have to take the responsibility of that, like this time I did not burn crackers, of course, I burnt crackers in Tarak Mehta show but that was just a Fuljhadi (sparkler) just for a scene, but personally I did not burn any kind of crackers as I know that it causes pollution. We need to take responsibility to clean our city, we have to see what we can do for it, as it is urgently required, as things are going worst, because if we don't take action now future generation will suffer as our present generation is already suffering, so lets come together and take action which would stop smog and pollution. I had gone last month even then air was polluted. I love winters inspite of that I would go only if there is an emergency or some urgent work in Delhi. In winters the visibility on road in mornings and even evenings is very bad in Delhi. I can't change my hometown but I can surely take precaution for health and urge people to use masks and also do carpooling when they travel to the office or use a metro to travel. Air pollution needs to be controlled and planting more trees also needs to be

Well, we appreciate your concerns for Delhi!

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