Tena Desae: TABLE NO 21 not spun around a game show

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There have been many instances, especially in the last couple of years, where a not so big banner and star cast project has managed to surprise at the box-office. Of late the audience has been quite receptive to some unusual projects.

This Friday's TABLE NO.21 appears to be one of them. It's slick and different promos have managed to raise the curiosity level of the audience.

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However, the general impression is that TABLE NO 21 has been spun around a game show. When we asked the lead actress, the pretty and young, Tena Desae the same, she clarified, ''No not at all.

Let me tell you that it's not another game show. In fact, the game has been specifically designed for TABLE NO 21, and it's not just that.

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The film shows how two common people and their lives change as the game progresses to the next level. There are a lot of emotions and drama involved too.''

When we queried her further to reveal the settings or contents of the game Tena aptly told us, ''I cannot reveal that, but in a way it is distinctly like truth and dare.''

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Well, lots of edge-of-the-seat thrilling moments with drama and emotions are thrown in, and good music is a surefire formula to success, and as is evident from Tena's revelations and promos, TABLE NO 21 promises all that and so here is hoping that it will surely be patronized up by the audience.

Also starring Paresh Rawal TABLE NO 21 releases on 4th January 2012.

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