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TEZZ: Manifestation of dilemma of illegal migration

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One does not know whether TEZZ produced by Ratan Jain and directed by Priyadarshan is a response to the notification issued by the Government of Britain about the migrants coming to British land, wherein those who are technically not qualified, are not educated up to a certain level, may find it difficult to migrate to London, but the issue has been dealt in a sensitive manner in TEZZ.

It is clear from the movie that TEZZ has been made both, in English and in Hindi caters, perhaps, to the audience in London as well, from whom quite a lot would find a sense of identity with the subject. TEZZ is positioned as a fast action film, and as the film opens out, those of us who would have seen Hollywood pace thriller, a train based action film starring Denzill Washington, would have found striking similarities to it. But thankfully enough the film veneers around and brings in the issue of illegal migration and sticks to it to take it to the logical conclusion.

view TEZZ poster
view TEZZ poster

Indeed, everybody wants to have a better quality of life, but when does it illegally, one has to pay the consequences, and one cannot launch a diatribe against it. London is a place where quite a lot of Asian immigrants work in respectable official positions, and they have to face a situation of ignominy when their brethren try to hold the adopted country to ransom. Angst of Anil Kapoor when facing such a situation in TEZZ has been brought out succinctly.

USP of TEZZ lies in the fact that it provides an insight into the rich countryside along London and the beauty that it is endowed with. TEZZ does not rely only on central London, i.e. area around the Big Ben and Giant wheel, but it takes us all across neighboring areas of London and it indeed is a visual treat. For a change Ajay Devgn has not done so many stunts in TEZZ for which he is famous, but the stunts have been ably performed by Sameera Reddy. One needs to mention in particular the motorcycle stunts that Sameera Reddy has undertaken, as also the river rafting that she has performed in TEZZ.

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Mohan Lal has been one of the favorite actors of Priyadarshan but he has been wasted in TEZZ. There are striking similarities in TEZZ to the idea that was propounded for the first time in THE BURNING TRAIN, of crossing over from one train to another at full speed, which was improbable during THE BURNING TRAIN time as well, and it appears unrealistic in TEZZ also.

TEZZ also provides us an insight into the way the railway services have moved forward in the developing countries and the quality of the train services on offer. May be the authorities at Indian railways need to have a look at TEZZ and try to introduce one train of such kind on the Indian sub-soil. Is it too big a task, one does not know!

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The only jarring point of TEZZ is the on-screen dubbing of dialogues in Hindi which is really a shoddy job. There is no dearth of good translators from Hindi to English and vice versa, and one should not do a shoddy job as it becomes a laughing stock when the public reads the translation and interprets the dialogue in the film, as it happened in the cinema hall with this writer.

TEZZ has brought out a sensitive issue, which continues to be a souring point between developed and developing countries, each correct in its own way. TEZZ is also a reminder to a country like India that it needs to create the situations home at comparable levels that could cut down illegal immigration or else, the immigrants after being packed off from the country where they have gone illegally, could wreck havoc in India also.

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