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The events that inspired Ajay Devgn’s directorial thriller ‘Runway 34’

Ajay Devgn in a statement had said, “Runway 34 is a high-octane thriller inspired by true events. It is special to me for many reasons.”

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Runway 34 is an upcoming thriller drama film produced and directed by Ajay Devgn. The film stars Ajay Devgn himself along with Amitabh Bachchan, Boman Irani, Rakul Preet Singh, Angira Dhar and Aakanksha Singh. Runway 34 is scheduled to be theatrically released on 29 April 2022.

Ajay Devgn in a statement had said, “Runway 34 is a high-octane thriller inspired by true events. It is special to me for many reasons.” The film is said to have been inspired from the true story of the Jet Airways Doha-Kochi flight in 2015.

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The film is inspired by the true event of the Jet Airways Doha to Kochi flight 9W 555, a Boeing 737–800 aircraft that had a narrow escape on 18 August 2015, after facing difficulties to land at the Cochin International Airport due to bad weather and unclear visibility at 5:45 in the morning.

So, what actually happened? The following is what the author found online and re-publishing almost as is what is. The untold story of Jet Airways Flight 9W555.

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Disclaimer: For audience who feel this could prove to be a spoiler should cease to read further.

On 17/08/2015, Jet Airways, Boeing B737-800 aircraft registration VT-JFA was scheduled to operate sector Doha-Cochin. Both the operating crew were duly qualified on type B737 aircraft to operate the flight. There were 142 passengers and 08 crew members on board the aircraft.

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The flight from Doha to Cochin was uneventful, however due to presence of low clouds below decision altitude (DA) in approach path at Cochin, the crew carried out three go-around as visual contact with runway could not be established. While carrying out the third go-around the minimum reserve fuel became less than what was required for Bangalore, the designated alternate destination, hence the crew re-designated the alternate destination as Trivandrum.

After the third go-around diverted to Trivandrum. The reported visibility at Trivandrum was 3000 meter. However after 9W-555 came in contact with Trivandrum ATC, the reported visibility was 1500 m. Trivandrum ATC cleared 9W-555 for VOR/DME approach runway 14. The flight crew of 9W-555 could not establish visual contact with the runway at Minimum Decision Altitude (MDA), carried out a go-around and declared “MAY-DAY” due fuel.

After declaring “MAY-DAY” the PIC requested ATC for permission to carry out visual approach for runway 14. Thereafter the crew of 9W-555 made two more visual approaches for runway 14 and, however failed to establish visual contact with the runway and carried out go-around. The aircraft finally landed on runway 32 after making total of seven approaches during the flight. After engine shut down fuel on board was 349 Kgs.

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