The game that kept Abhishek busy during BOL BACHCHAN

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He may be quite a sport in his professional life and willing to take it all with a smile even though he has waited way too long for a film of his to be successful at the box office. However when it comes to scoring a win over his co-stars in a game, Abhishek Bachchan is dead serious. So much so that he can be heard defending his game to the maximum extent before accepting defect. This was evidenced during BOL BACHCHAN where he could be seen getting into many animated conversations over a game of ’20 Questions’.

view BOL BACHCHAN movie stills
view BOL BACHCHAN movie stills

“Since Abhishek is a pro in ’20 Questions’, it was a cake walk for him when it came to his participation. In fact he used to pick up such tough names that no one could guess what he was up to. However when it came to conceding a point, he used to argue incessantly and usually had his way,” informs our source.

“Most of the times, he would emerge as winner because he understands the game so well. However you have to see his face when occasionally, tables turned on him,” quips the source.

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In fact so fascinated is Abhishek with the game that even on those days when he didn’t have a scene to shoot, he used to hop on to the sets and play ’20 Questions’ with the cast members. Needless to say, more often than not, he emerged as a winner.

Now one only hopes that the good luck continues for him on screen as well and he earns a box office win too with BOL BACHCHAN. We are sure that would make him 20 times more proud and happier than the game of ’20 Questions’.

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