The hitches of stardom upsetting Preity Zinta!

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In today's time, there is nothing that comes for free. You have to pay a price for everything! And yes, you will not be spared if you are a celebrity. Stardom has its own set of qualms.

Celebrities have to pay a big price for being famous public figures. The latest to fall prey is the charming Bollywood actress Preity Zinta.

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She seems to be very upset with the fact that she cannot lead a normal life like the aam aadmi. She wrote on a social networking site, ''The concept of privacy is lost with new age technology. As a celebrity 1 has 2 give out so much that retaining ur soul is a herculean task.''

Being a celebrity, it becomes very difficult to lead a normal life. There are people who are constantly watching out for you. You can't dress normal and walk on the road without being noticed. You will be judged at every given point. Preity too expressed the same.

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''Everyday I try to fight my PERFECT IMAGE & cling to the real me. Expectations grow & Im not allowed 2 age, be sad, crib or have a bad day!,'' admitted the actress.

She further added, ''I MUST smile, be perfectly behaved, let any1 say or write anything about me even if its not true & be grateful that I'm famous. I cannot have a pimple, put on weight or cover my face when photographers aim bright flashes at me in the dark & scare the hell out of me.''

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What infuriated her the most was clear when she wrote, ''Perverts morph my face over half naked bodies & circulate it on da net & defame me & my modesty yet I MUST not complain cuz im a celebrity.''

She said, ''I'm writing this on behalf of all the celebrities, not just me. Wanted u all to see the other side of the coin too! Life is never 1 dimensional.'' ''Today I don't speak as me but as da collective voice of Celebrities.''

All we can hope is that Preity doesn't get too affected by this and sees the better side of being a celebrity. Like she said, ''Only thing that makes it worthwhile is the JOY one brings in peoples lives & the magic of creativity. Seeing people always happy makes my day always.'' Be positive Preity and everything will be alright!

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