The song 'Jawan khoon' exhorts youth to avoid rat race

Mumbai, Aug 22 (IANS) Actors Gunjan Utreja and Gaurav Khanna feature in the video of the song Jawan khoon, which is part of the soundtrack of the upcoming musical web series, The Socho Project. The song exhorts youngsters to follow their dreams.

“‘Jawan khoon’ is an anthem that challenges the youth of this country to look within themselves and follow their dreams. There comes a time in everyone’s life when they are confused and not sure about what to do. Most of the time we end up taking the easier route and follow the rat race. ‘Jawan khoon’ challenges that mentality and encourages you to chase your passion. I am glad that I could be the face of such a powerful track,” said Gunjan.

Added Gaurav: “With the youth constantly being told to be pragmatic in their approach towards their ambition, this song motivates them to break the chain of societal pressure and dive into pursuing all that they truly want. The energy and the vibe of the song is sure to invigorate you, thus bringing alive the zest in you to achieve the unimaginable. The track beautifully captures some of the questions plaguing the youth of the country and drives them to set their own path, which may perhaps be unconventional but gratifying.”


The song is sung by Samar Monsoon.

Directed by Abhigyan Jha, the show also features Lopa Mudra Raut and Sahil Vaid among others.






The song 'Jawan khoon' exhorts youth to avoid rat race 1

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