Ahwaan Kumar has an accident while shooting Kaal Bhairav Rahasaya 2!

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Actor Ahwaan Kumar loves being part of Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2. However, the actor had to, unfortunately, undergo an accident on the set recently which resulted in his hair getting burnt. “Actually, we were shooting at night for Kaal Bhairav in a jungle and we had a scene where Veer goes missing. So, Kashinath, I and the other people go and search for him in the jungle. As it is night time, we take fire torches and search around for Veer. Suddenly, we see Laali's spirit and everyone runs away except me. So, when the person beside me was running, his fire torch slipped from his hand and that somehow touched my hair and it got burnt. But luckily, I managed to put the fire off,” says the actor.

However, he is making sure to give his hair extra attention after the incident. “I am one of those people who really take care of their hair. For me, hair is something which is the most precious thing in my body. I always oil my hair, shampoo it and do everything to take care of it. So, after this incident I have been taking more care of it, I hope it never happens again in my life,” he says.

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Well, it all seems worth it as the actor has been getting amazing feedback for this role in the show. “The feedback is really good, everyone is liking my role. The way I am on screen, I am the same in real life as well, so people are liking my role. My family and friends tell me that I am really doing well and even Ravindra sir is happy with my performance. So, I feel it’s great,” he says.

He adds, “I just want to thank Ravindra sir for giving me this opportunity. It feels good to be part of such an amazing show. We have already got great TRP ratings for it and everyone is pretty much satisfied.”

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