This guy is the most envious professional at Justin Bieber’s Concert

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Since the time it was announced that Justin Bieber will be coming to India, the fans went frenzy and waited for this big day with baited breath.

And as the day was nearing we saw high end security planned for the Canadian star. The one who managed the entire security in Mumbai was Shera who is Salman Khan’s popular & close bodyguard.

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Seeing this many of Salman Khan’s friends and Bollywood actors were envious of Shera that he could get an access to Justin Bieber and how he could manage to jump from Salman Khan to Justin Bieber.

With pics floating around seeing Shera and Justin on the airport to the venue, B-town looked perplexed and wanted a snap with the Hollywood singing sensation.

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Reportedly, Shera said that it was an honour to provide security to Justin but he takes this work very professionally and when Bollywood actors told him they need a snap with the star, he refused saying it’s just a professional thing that he is doing.

Looking at the current scenario we can say that B-town is surely envious of Shera now.

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