This is how high-class Delhi girls came to Shraddha Kapoor’s rescue

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Shraddha Kapoor is looking forward to her next film HALF GIRLFRIEND. As the film races towards its release, IBNS-TWF correspondent sits down with the pretty actress for a heart-warming interaction. Here are the excerpts…

You play the lead Riya Somani in HALF GIRLFRIEND. Did you make any attempt to up your glam quotient in the film?
Yes, I had to, as it was the demand of the character. My character Riya Somani comes from an affluent family. She is one of those girls who blow dries her hair, wears prim and proper clothes and is the most popular girl of the college. Every guy wants to be with her. Everybody is of the notion that she must be having a ball in her life but, deep down inside, she is an unhappy girl. She is looking for something that will give her happiness, and that is something that she sees in Madhav. Simplicity attracts her.

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What is the most fun part of the film?
It is very difficult to choose one aspect as there are many. The fun and very challenging was the basketball aspect. In school, I used to be a substitute player. After this film, I can now say that I am a decent basketball player. So, that was a lot of fun. The training part was hard as I trained for a month.

Do you really believe that there exists something like a half girlfriend?
I do, because I feel it is quiet existent. Even many of my friends have experienced this. There is something holding them back and there is this feeling that I have to focus on my career, I really want to be with him but I can’t. It’s very sad that because of some situations two persons who like each other can’t be with each other.

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You play a fictional character in the film HALF GIRLFRIEND and you are also playing realistic characters in your upcoming movies HASEENA – THE QUEEN OF MUMBAI and SAINA. Which of the two is more challenging?
While I was playing ‘Haseena’, I had to do a lot of homework on my own to get a better idea of how she used to behave, speak and walk. That was truly challenging for me. And while you’re playing a fictional character you have the liberty to add your own imagination and add your own thoughts to it. But I felt both are challenging in their own ways.

How was it working with Mohit Suri again after AASHIQUI 2?
It was amazing working with him. He is more of a friend now. I feel he knows me a little too well because I carry a different equation with him. As a part of the preparation for my character, he actually made me sit with few high-class Delhi girls so that I could understand their body language well. You will understand that when you see the film.

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How is Arjun Kapoor as a co-star?
He is great to work with. He is very eloquent be it in Hindi or English. He has worked very hard on his diction. He brings in that innocence in the film which is visible in his eyes and also the required emotions of his character. He was more expressive and now he is lot more calm.

Your transition from nobody to a successful actress is amazing. How do you look back at your journey?
I feel my life changed with AASHIQUI 2. It’s strange but I feel that failures teach you the valuable lessons that success doesn’t, because in success everything is going well and it’s only when you’re in challenging situations that you understand and get to learn the most.

Will we ever see you in a comedy film?
Yes, I would love to do it. I feel I can pull it off very well. Someone should make a ‘Crime Master Gogo’ film.

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